AGENT ALERT: Suspicious Activities in Open Houses

Please be aware of a situation that has happened to some REALTORS® recently at open houses in Cherokee County.

A young, blonde woman going by the name of Ashley Johnson will attend an open house, along with another woman and a baby.  She will ask the agent if they will watch her baby while she walks around the house, and she will spend a lot of time in the master bathroom.

After she leaves some agents have reported windows being found unlocked.

She has been reported to the police.

If you are hosting open houses please be aware of this situation and please be safe. 

  1. If someone asks you to watch their baby or child, politely decline and tell them that you cannot be responsible for their child.
  2. If you are able to, call 911 if they arrive at your open house.  Woodstock police have informed that broker the agents can call 911 anytime they feel unsafe at an open house.
  3. Do not confront her as this could put you in danger.
  4. If possible, work open houses with a second person. A co-agent or a mortgage lender are good options.
  5. Remind your sellers to secure any medications, weapons and anything of value.

Your safety is the most important thing so please keep working hard but don’t let your guard down and remember to follow the REALTOR® safety protocol.