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Global Alliance

The Global Alliance develops and recommends policy promoting unity between International Practicing Real Estate groups in Georgia as well as Georgia Government agencies’ that promote the influx of capital, tourism dollars, and real estate acquisitions.The following links can serve as valuable resources in your international business endeavors.

International Resources

To get involved with GAR’s Global Alliance; contact staff liaison Margaret Lacy.

Certified International Property Specialist

The Certified International Property Specialist Network (CIPS Network) is the specialty membership group for international practitioners of the National Association of REALTORS®, the world’s largest trade association. The CIPS Network is comprised of 2,300 real estate professionals who deal in all types of real estate, but with one common element: they are focused specifically on the “international” market. Whether traveling abroad to put deals together, assisting foreign investors, helping local buyers invest abroad, or serving an immigrant niche in local markets, CIPS members are consumers’ best resource to ensure they are dealing with a professional skilled in the unique aspects of international real estate.

Become a CIPS: For REALTORS®

Understand the steps to global success.
To earn your CIPS Designation, you will need to complete the following steps. Join the CIPS Network as soon as you complete the “Global Real Estate: Local Markets” course, and start globalizing your business as you work to attain your designation.

Step 1: Education
You must successfully complete the 2 core courses and 3 out of 5 elective courses (outlined below), and pass the multiple-choice examination given at the end of each course. To pass an exam, you must earn a 70% or better. Calculators are required for all courses.

  • Core Course: Global Real Estate: Local Markets (1 day) is a required prerequisite to the other courses.
  • Global Real Estate: Transaction Tools (1 day) is a required course.
  • Europe & International Real Estate (1 day)
  • Asia/Pacific & International Real Estate (1 day)
  • The Americas & International Real Estate (1 day)
  • The Middle East and Africa & International Real Estate (1 day)
  • At Home With Diversity (1 day)

Step 2: Designation Application
In addition to completing 5 CIPS courses, you must submit a designation application demonstrating your experience in international real estate. This application requires that you earn 100 points in elective credits. Elective credits can be earned by speaking other languages, possessing additional NAR designations, attending international conferences and education sessions, and international transactions in which you will be asked to answer specific questions regarding the sales of each transaction. Transactions must involve other cultures or countries, and can include sales in your local market.

Click here to visit NAR’s CIPS web page for more information and to apply for the designation.

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