Georgia REALTORS® Legal Helpline

The Legal Helpline was established in 2015 to assist Georgia REALTORS® with their questions regarding the following topics:

  • Ethics/Arbitration
  • License Law
  • GAR Contract Forms*

Additionally, members may inquire about basic real estate-related legal questions that do not require extensive research.

How It Works

To utilize the Helpline, you will visit the password-protected page on the GAR web site, input your NRDS number and review your contact information, carefully read and acknowledge the user agreement, and then submit your question. Please do not identify your firm name in your questions. Questions are sent to Weissman P.C., which is the law firm of GAR’s longtime general counsel, Seth Weissman. Depending on volume, users can typically expect an answer to their question within 72 hours.

Please note that the purpose of the Helpline is not to draft contracts or special stipulations, write opinion letters or negotiate with other REALTORS® or parties. We hope you enjoy this member benefit!

PLEASE NOTE: Questions that contain any identifying characteristics  (including names of parties, property addresses, or company names) cannot be answered. Please be sure to remove all identifying characteristics of the transaction in question in order to have your question resolved. Questions that violate these guidelines will be sent back with a request to re-submit without identifying characteristics. 

Submit a Legal Helpline Inquiry