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Leadership Academy

Emerging leaders of today will guide the REALTOR® organization of tomorrow. Going into its 17th year, the GAR Leadership Academy (GLA) will train 20 individuals who will be selected from scores of applicants for leadership opportunities in the REALTOR® organization and beyond. Candidates who may best serve as a local or state leader in the future are selected based on their track record of volunteer performance for their local board and/or civic organizations, and their personal integrity. GAR invites you to complete and submit the application for your chance to be a future REALTOR® leader.

Click here to access the online application for the 2023 Leadership Academy.

Contact Christy Conway for more information.

Seminar Descriptions & Dates

Leadership Essentials
2022 Inaugural Conference – Tuesday, January 11, 2022
International speaker Bob Harris, CAE, will guide you through the qualities of a Leader, goal setting, governing documents, legal liability, fiduciary duty, and creative thinking. This session includes a networking lunch with the 2022 Georgia REALTORS® Leadership Team.

Inclusion and Diversity
Thursday, March 17, 2022 – Georgia REALTORS® Headquarters
Get to know your peers while working in groups to learn about overcoming barriers by utilizing NAR’s Bias video and FairHaven simulation.

Georgia REALTOR® Immersion Day / Team Building
Thursday, April 14, 2022 – Georgia REALTORS® Headquarters
Through a day of team building and interactive sessions participants will explore the GAR governance structure, understand how committees operate, and receive an overview of the responsibilities of local board/association directors, GAR state directors, NAR national directors, and GAR officers and regional directors. During the session you will meet with the GAR staff and hear how each department facilitates the staff-volunteer partnership.

Executive Committee Meeting
Thursday, June 9, 2022 – Georgia REALTORS® Headquarters
Join the 2022 Georgia REALTORS® Executive Committee as a guest to see the leadership in action. Leadership Academy participants are invited to join the committee for a networking lunch. **All Leadership Academy participants will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.**

Emotional Intelligence / Parliamentary Procedures
Thursday, August 11, 2022 – Georgia REALTORS® Headquarters
Michele Pirkle will start the day by training you on Emotional Intelligence (EI) and how understanding of EI will enhance your leadership skills and put you on a path to becoming a better leader. That afternoon, Dennis Conway, a Georgia certified Parliamentarian will walk you through how the association is governed by examination of Robert’s Rules of Order, meeting management, agendas and minutes.

REALTOR® Party: Legislative Matters / Not-For-Profit Finances
Thursday, October 13, 2022 – Georgia REALTORS® Headquarters
Start your morning with the GAR Governmental Affairs Team to discover all things Governmental Affairs! Spend the afternoon with Fred Bumpass, CPA. This session will develop your ability to appropriately interpret financial statements used by non-profit organizations and how they differ from for-profit financial reporting. You will gain an appreciation of both the power and limitations of accounting information in assessing financial performance and decision-making.

Public Speaking
Thursday, November 17, 2022 – Georgia REALTORS® Headquarters
National speaker Juanita McDowell will guide you through communication essentials for REALTOR® Association Leadership.

(Leadership Academy Recognition will be held at the 2023 Inaugural Conference Awards Presentation)

  • Attend at least six of the seven sessions
  • Watch the NAR Video: Bias Override: Overcoming Barriers to Fair Housing
  • Complete NAR’s Fairhaven Simulation
  • Become C2EX endorsed by the last session

Leadership Academy Graduates

Graduate Name Year Board
Tim Adams headshot
Adams, Tim 2013 Savannah
Ailion, Bruce 2018 Cobb
Angie Aimar headshot
Aimar, Angie 2013 Golden Isles
Erica Allen headshot
Allen, Erica 2010 East Metro
Danny Amberson headshot
Amberson, Danny 2009 Columbus
regenia andrews headshot
Andrews, Regenia 2011 Troup County
Antoine Ennis headshot
Antoine, Ennis 2008 Atlanta
Arnau, Quinn 2020 Atlanta
Veronica Bangsboll
Bangsboll, Veronica 2016 Fayette County
REALTOR logo Barlow, Dianne 2012 Albany
Angela Barner
Barner, Angela 2011 Cobb
REALTOR logo Bell, Melissa 2019 Northwest Metro
Russell Berry
Berry, Russell 2018 Newnan Coweta
REALTOR logo Bidez, Teresa 2015 Northeast Georgia
Michael Blackburn
Blackburn, Michael 2013 NAMAR
Bosker, Liz 2017 400 North
Latroshia Bostic
Bostic, Latroshia 2015 West Georgia
Linda Boyd
Boyd, Linda 2013 Columbus
REALTOR logo Bracy, Brandon 2021 Albany Board
REALTOR logo Braxton, Leah 2019 Columbus
REALTOR logo Brock, Melissa 2021 Tiftarea Board
REALTOR logo Brooks, Nakia 2019 Northeast Atlanta Metro
Sheila Brower
Brower, Sheila 2010 Atlanta
Cindy Brown Williams
Brown Williams, Cindy 2012 DeKalb
Sarah Brown
Brown, Sara 2017 Douglas Coffee
Velore Brown
Brown, Velore 2017 Savannah
Wendy Bunch
Bunch-Heyer, Wendy 2011 Cobb
Bundrum, Misty 2020 Paulding
Lisa Burgee
Burgee, Lisa 2008 Carpet Capital
REALTOR logo Butler, Iva Rebecca 2021 Cherokee Association
Vickie Butler
Butler, Vickie 2017 Fayette County
Walter Calhoun
Calhoun, Walter 2009 Columbus
Canfield, Alex 2020 Savannah
REALTOR logo Caudell, Laura Beth 2021 Athens Area Association
John Chambers
Chambers, John 2013 Greater Augusta
Chambers, Wendy 2020 Cobb
marilyn cheney
Cheney, Marilyn 2016 Cobb
Iris Cobb
Cobb, Iris 2010 Albany
Jayme Cobb
Cobb, Jamye 2010 Albany
Cockeram, Toni 2008 Golden Isles
Cockerham, Mike 2018 Central Georgia
Kristi Coker
Coker, Kristi 2017 Carpet Capital
Collins, Soraya 2018 Greater Rome
Corley, Lisa 2020 Central Georgia
Clint Crowe
Crowe, Clint 2017 Metro South
REALTOR logo Cruz, Jonathan 2011 Atlanta
Terrie Cummings Photo
Cummings, Terrie 2015 Cobb
Curry, Will
Curry, Will 2014 Dublin
Daniel, Lauren 2018 Athens Area
Daniels, Debbie 2010 Carpet Capital
Daniels, Janken 2016 Northeast Georgia
REALTOR logo Davis, Brenda 2021 Paulding Board
REALTOR logo Davis, Cheri 2019 West Georgia
Davis, Sandy 2014 Middle Georgia
Davis, Steve 2007 Columbus
Dean, Tracy 2009 Columbus
Rebecca DeShazo
DeShazo, Rebecca 2013 Georgia REALTORS
REALTOR logo Drake, Brianne 2019 Metro South
REALTOR logo Duncan, Kevin 2019 400 North
Durrence, Linda 2009 Habersham / White / Stephens
Dyer, Barbara 2014 Metro South
REALTOR logo East, Kendra 2021 Troup County Board
Easton, Dan 2010 Northeast Georgia
Edwards, Lorri 2018 Columbus
REALTOR logo Eller, Gary 2009 Albany
Ellis, Brent 2015 Cherokee
Emerson, Todd 2008 Atlanta
Espy, Bob 2015 DeKalb
Faucett, Charlene 2008 Metro South
Fischer, Michael 2020 Atlanta
Fitzpatrick, Rachel 2018 Golden Isles
Fox, Janet 2010 Troup County
Frenelle, Bikel 2011 Fayette County
Fuller, Linda 2015 Middle Georgia
Giles-Griffin, Vickie 2009 Albany
Gillett, Tom 2015 NAMAR
Giovingo, Sal 2009 Albany
Goemaere, Renee 2020 Fayette County
Goodyear, Ginger 2010 Albany
Gore, Della 2014 Greater Rome
Graham, Phyliss 2014 Cobb
Green, Lorieal 2014 Atlanta
Green, Quinn 2015 DeKalb
Gregory, Ann 2007 Central Georgia
Griffin, Michelle 2016 Metro South
Hackley, Pat 2016 NAMAR
Carla Haight
Haight, Carla 2017 Metro South
REALTOR logo Haka, Caitlin 2019 Columbus
Hardy, Vanessa 2007 East Metro
REALTOR logo Hardge, Cheri 2021 Atlanta REALTORS®
Harmon, Rett 2012 West Metro
Harrison-Kribbs, Donna 2012 West Metro
Harrison, Melody 2016 Greater Rome
REALTOR logo Hatcher, Karen 2021 Atlanta REALTOR®
REALTOR logo Hayes, Carol 2011 Northeast Georgia
Hazel Hendrix
Hendrix, Hazel 2007 Statesboro
Henry, Serena 2012 Atlanta
Ruth Heyward
Heyward, Ruth 2012 Golden Isles
Hicks, Dwayne 2013 West Metro
Hiett, Elizabeth 2016 Newnan Coweta
Hoffman, Colette 2016 Northeast Georgia
Steve Holcomb
Holcomb, Steve 2018 Central Georgia
REALTOR logo Holloman, Connie (Sprewell) 2016 West Metro
Holloway, Mike 2020 Northeast GA
Howard, Janet 2013 Savannah
REALTOR logo Huggins, Doyle 2019 Carpet Capital
REALTOR logo Humphrey, Jackie 2015 Central Georgia
REALTOR logo Hutten, Ethan 2021 Central Georgia Board
REALTOR logo Iler, Kim 2021 REALTORS® Commercial Alliance of Savannah and Hilton Head
REALTOR logo Jackson, Craig 2020 Newnan Coweta
REALTOR logo Jefferson, Howard 2021 Columbus
Jiles, Chris 2007 Columbus
REALTOR logo Jones, Debbie 2009 Walton Barrow
Deb Junkin headshot
Junkin, Deb 2007 Georgia REALTORS®
Kaminer, Mitch 2013 Atlanta
Kaufman, Jay 2015 Golden Isles
Kennedy, Jenea 2017 Cobb
Faron King headshot
King, Faron 2010 Northeast Georgia
Kliesen, Susan 2017 NAMAR
Leslie Kopel
Kopel, Leslie 2014 GAR
Kozlowski, Robert 2016 Golden Isles
Ku, Yangsook 2020 Northeast Atlanta Metro
REALTOR logo Kurtz, Karen 2021 Newnan-Coweta Board
Langley, Marci 2013 Albany
REALTOR logo Langston, Greg 2013 Northeast Georgia
Leggett, Leah 2015 Athens Area
Lee, Gary 2018 Metro South
Leonard, Jackie 2017 Columbus
Lesh, Mary 2016 West Georgia
Lipsey, Daneda 2014 West Georgia
Little, Jeff 2018 Cherokee
Loftus, Karen 2008 NAMAR
Long, Donna 2011 Columbus
Love, Dorrie 2008 Fayette County
Jennifer Lundy
Lundy, Jennifer 2013 GAR
REALTOR logo Maret, Michael 2018 Carpet Capital
Marlatt, Elaine 2015 Golden Isles
Mayfield, Mary 2007 Carpet Capital
McBride, Tom 2014 Golden Isles
McCoy, Amy 2018 West Georgia
McInroe, Kay 2018 Fayette County
McKeen, Lamar 2011 Troup County
Melara, Oscar 2010 Cobb
Minor, Sandy 2011 West Georgia
Mitchell, Melanie Elaine 2018 West Metro
Moody, Tami 2015 East Metro
Moore, Harriet 2009 West Georgia
Moore, HB 2017 DeKalb
Moore, Richard 2020 Columbus
REALTOR logo Morton, Peggy 2019 Camden/Charlton
Moson, Carol 2013 Cobb
Muldrow, RaShaunda 2016 NAMAR
Mullin, Shep 2014 Columbus
Murray, Bill 2009 Atlanta
REALTOR logo Nagel, Deborah 2021 Cobb Association
Maura Neill headshot
Neill, Maura 2009 Atlanta
Newton, Courtney 2013 Cobb
Nhare, Janice 2014 Dublin
Noll, Tammy 2018 DeKalb
REALTOR logo Otts, Yvonne 2019 Carpet Capital
Parham, Staci 2018 Paulding
Parker, Judge 2007 DeKalb
Parker, Randy 2011 Carpet Capital
Patterson, Bob 2010 Columbus
Peacock, Connie 2016 Newnan Coweta
Pennywell, Dan 2013 West Georgia
REALTOR logo Peters, Lane Martin 2021 Northwest Metro Association
REALTOR logo Phillips, Jonnie 2021 Fayette County
REALTOR logo Phillips, Kelli 2019 Paulding
Pino, Jennifer 2017 Atlanta
REALTOR logo Pond, Kim 2019 Greater Augusta
REALTOR logo Prange, Pamela 2019 Newnan-Coweta
Pruett, Gretchen 2009 East Metro
REALTOR logo Rankin, Berry 2012 Northeast Georgia
Rawlings, Bill 2013 Atlanta
REALTOR logo Rawls, Rodney 2021 Savannah Area REALTORS®
Nicole Readdick
Readdick, Nicole 2010 Camden Charlton
Register, Steve 2011 Columbus
Richter, Karen 2011 Albany
Roan, Carolyn 2013 Carpet Capital
Robinson, Lisha 2012 West Metro
Luis Rocafort
Rocafort, Luis 2015 400 North
REALTOR logo Rogers, Robin 2020 West Metro
Rosso, George 2014 Albany
Roth, Doug 2016 Columbus
REALTOR logo Rowland, Tisha 2016 Walton Barrow
Scully, John 2014 Columbus
Lisa Scully headshot
Scully, Lisa 2012 Columbus
REALTOR logo Sellers, Cindy 2019 West Metro
REALTOR logo Sharp, Lawrence Jr. 2012 DeKalb
Shaw, Midi 2009 Golden Isles
Shiver, Jean 2014 Albany
Silvers, Sonja 2012 Northeast Georgia
Skarpalezos, Winnie 2007 Golden Isles
Slade, Kathy 2008 Heart of Georgia
Slappey, John 2008 NAMAR
REALTOR logo Slickman, Jane 2012 Greater Rome
Slusser, June 2008 Northeast Georgia
Smith, Annick 2020 Albany
REALTOR logo Smith, Bekki 2014 Cherokee
Smith, Brande 2018 Metro South
Smith, Jim 2007 Middle Georgia
REALTOR logo Smith, Kirbi 2017 Northeast Georgia
REALTOR logo Smith, Melissa 2017 Georgia Upstate Lakes
Stephanie Sparks headshot
Sparks, Stephanie 2017 Paulding
Stanley, Gail 2016 Carpet Capital
Stephens, Betty 2016 Columbus
Stephens, Derinda 2020 Greater Rome
REALTOR logo Stewart, Mike 2019 Northeast Georgia
REALTOR logo Strickland, Cammy 2019 Cherokee
REALTOR logo Stubbs-Henderson, Kristy 2019 East Metro
Swanson, Terry 2010 400 North
Sweenie, Karen 2018 Northeast Georgia
Terry, Ruth 2008 Greater Rome
Thomas, John 2014 Carpet Capital
Traywick, Vikki 2015 Columbus
Tressler, Julie 2017 400 North
Truong, Vincent 2016 Newnan Coweta
Tucker, Todd 2007 Atlanta
Turnbill, Wendy 2015 Paulding
Turpin, Linda 2017 Albany
Usher, Nancy 2008 Golden Isles
REALTOR logo Van der Veer, Allison 2019 Golden Isles
REALTOR logo Vargo, Peggy 2012 Atlanta
REALTOR logo Vaughn, Erin 2021 Golden Isles Association
Jenny Viger headshot
Viger, Jenny 2018 Greater Augusta
Walker, Callie 2014 Albany
Stephen Walker headshot
Walker, Stephen 2010 Fayette County
Waters, Paula 2015 West Metro
Waycaster, Jana 2007 NAMAR
Weaver, Mary 2007 Carpet Capital
Wester, Janice 2010 Albany
REALTOR logo Westrick, Sierra 2019 Cobb
Whaley, Jimmy 2016 Americus
Whelchel, Scott 2007 400 North
Whiteside, Tony 2018 Greater Augusta
REALTOR logo Williams, Blake 2020 Albany
REALTOR logo Williams, Elizabeth 2020 Newnan Coweta
REALTOR logo Williams, Linda 2021 DeKalb Association
Williams, Talli 2020 Carpet Capital
REALTOR logo Williams, Tiffany 2020 East Metro
REALTOR logo Wise, Martin 2019 Fayette County
Woods, Leighann 2012 Golden Isles
Wright, Christy 2012 Albany
Yawn, Vicki 2015 Central Georgia

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