License Education Information and Requirements

How to check your Continuing Education (CE) credit hours

Continuing Education (CE) credits on your license are maintained by the Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC). That state agency oversees your real estate license.

To check your license credits:

  1. Go to the GREC website (
  2. Under the “Licensed Professionals” tab, select “Online Service Login.”
  3. Follow the prompts.

Click here for the GREC RENews May 2020 newsletter explaining how to check your License Education Record.

The GREC phone number is 404-656-3916.

The GREC email address is

Credit hours and license law education requirements

Georgia licensees renew their license every four years and can do so up to 120 days (4 months) prior to the actual renewal period end date. The renewal period end date is the last day of their birthday month every four years. 3 of the required CE hours must be on the topic of license law from a license law course approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

During the first year of licensure, salespersons must successfully complete a course approved as a 25-hour Salespersons Post-License course.

Sales Post-License Education Requirements – First Year of Licensure

Salespersons must take a 25-hour Salespersons Post-License course in their first year of licensure.

A Sales Post-License course is different than regular Continuing Education (CE) credit courses. It must be a course specifically approved by the Commission as a Sales Post-License course. In addition, to earn the Sales Post-License course credit, licensees must pass the course exam with a grade of 70% or higher.

Failure to complete a Sales Post-License course during the first year of being licensed will cause the license to lapse. 

To find currently scheduled Sales Post-License courses offered through our school, click here.

Note: if you choose to earn Sales Post-License credit through our GRI program, you must successfully complete both the GRI Core Course – Risk Management and GRI Core Course – Skill Building before we can post completion of your Sales Post-License credit on your license record.

License Law Education Requirement

The License Law Education requirement became effective July 1, 2016. To be a course that satisfies the License Law Education requirement, the course must be approved through GREC as such.

To renew your license, you need:

  • 36 hours of CE credits, and
  • 3 hours of your 36 hours needed to renew your license must include a course approved for License Law credit.

To find currently scheduled classes through our school that are approved for License Law credit, click here.

If you are “grandfathered” by the GREC and, therefore, do not need CE to renew your license, the License Law requirement does not apply to you.


CE and License Law Requirements Information Video

The GREC Deputy Real Estate Commissioner, Craig Coffee, is interviewed by GAR’s Director of Professional Development, Chrissy Campbell.