Secure, Electronic Tenant Screening in Minutes.

RentSpree allows you to collect rental applications and screen tenants electronically.

Each RentSpree application package you receive will include:

  • Rental Application
  • Criminal Background Check
  • National Eviction Report
  • Credit Report

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Here’s how it works:

  1. Request Applications
    Simply enter all applicant email addresses on RentSpree and application requests are sent automatically. You will also receive your own application perma-link that you can copy and share with applicants.
  2. Renters Complete Applications
    Renters receive an email from RentSpree with a link to apply. Renters fill out the online application, undergo TransUnion tenant screening, and pay a $30 application fee.
  3. View Full Applications
    You will receive an email notification once an application is submitted. All screening reports are available to you within seconds.
  4. Communicate with Applicants
    Secure messaging is now available within RentSpree for clarification on completed reports. Once ready, you can accept or reject applicants directly from the platform.
  5. E-Sign Lease Agreements
    Upload lease agreements & documents and set up document fields. Securely send documents out for electronic signature to multiple parties.

RentSpree is free of charge for agents, brokers, and landlords – renters pay only the fee for a soft credit check that will not impact their credit score. No more paperwork, no more chasing down application fees, no more exposure to applicant SSNs.

How to get started with RentSpree:

Signup takes two minutes: Click here to start screening in two minutes.

Interested in learning more? Check out the videos below or schedule a live demo.